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Tree Trimming

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Tree Pruning in Akron, OH

Tree Trimming

Why prune or trim a tree?

A tree may need pruned or trimmed for a variety of reasons including but not limited to:

  • Removing diseased or storm damaged branches
  • To thin the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation
  • To reduce the height of the tree
  • To remove obstructing lower branches
  • To shape a tree for design purposes

Tree pruning can require climbing and heavy saws, which means it it is best to leave this job to GP Tree Service’s trained and experienced Arborists.

When is the best time to prune or trim a tree?

Late fall or winter is the best time to prune a tree, although dead branches can be done at any time.

Pruning during this time minimized sap loss and other stress to the tree.

It also minimizes the risk of fungus infection and insect infestation, and pruning while the leaves are off gives you a better idea of how your pruning will affect the shape of the tree.

How do you prune  or trim a tree?

The general rule for pruning a tree is to always cut in a location where a growth will occur. Cutting a growth beyond where a growth will occur will prevent the plant from forming a callus over the cut service, which in turn will invite insects and infestation.

Correct pruning will allow for quick healing and promote vigorous growth from the closest bud to the cut.

For more information, to have your trees trimmed, or for tree removal in the Akron, Canton, Cuyahoga Falls, or surrounding Ohio areas, contact GP Tree Service.

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