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GP Tree Service professional tree expertise and careful consideration will get your lot clearing project done quickly and safely.

Contrary to popular belief, clearing your land requires a lot more than the labor of cutting down trees and brush and hauling the mess away.

When you hire GP Tree Service to clear a lot for you, here what you can expect:

Lot Clearing Analysis

Our professional lot clearing experts will carefully document the placement of your house, driveway, and septic, as well as how close trees are to road sides, power lines, and other infrastructure, clearly establishing what is permissible before your lot clearing project begins.

Save Valuable Trees

Our tree experts will determine and visibly mark any valuable trees such as maple, oak, birch trees, conserving trees throughout the construction process that will save you money and aggravation. Whatever trees are deemed savable will be protected during the construction process with a temporary but sturdy fence so that workers do not park on the root system or stockpile materials on it during construction.

Wildlife Preservation

We will take into consideration the local wildlife, discussing with you first preservation of natural habitats and how they can benefit or hinder your lot clearing project.

GP Tree Service will also take into consideration the view when lot clearing. This process involves leaving a prominent tree or trees in place to serve as a focal point when looking out the window of where the house or houses will be built.

To find out more information about GP Tree Service’s professional lot clearing service in the Mogadore or surrounding Northeast Ohio areas, contact GP Tree Service.

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